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Throughout my time at UW Stout, I have used my programming skills and knowledge in order to make a few games. Some of the games are projects for classes, some are projects I worked on in my own time. Most games are available on my itch page.


Shepherd's Sky

Shepherd's Sky was my Senior Capstone Game. This game was developed over the course of 9 months with a team of five programmers, five artists, and three sound designers. I was the Lead Programmer on the team. I did a large portion of the gameplay programming and also delegated tasks to the other programmers on the team. I learned a lot about game programming and leading throughout this project. The game was developed in Unity. Check it out at our website

My Contributions

  • Programming the 3D flying movement

  • Leading the programming team by delegating tasks and helping with other programming tasks.

  • Set up the post processing for the game

  • Fixed a majority of the bugs that arose, and fixed them in a very timely fashion

  • Helped design the mechanics

Nyctophobia: A Tale of Fear

Nyctophobia was the first game that I made with some of my friends as part of a 48-Hour Game Jam. For this project, we originally used the Godot 3 game engine, then later updated the game in the Unity game engine. We worked as a team and produced a functional game in the 48 hour time period.

My Contributions

  • Learned Godot 3's python based programming language

  • Programmed player movement

  • Programmed player interactions with static and pick-up objects

  • Programmed the random encounter system

  • Programmed different menu functionalities



OutCaster was another 48 - Hour Game Jam game I made with some friends. The project was very ambitious, and not everything ended up as planned. The idea was to gather ingredients during the day and craft potions by playing a mini-game during the night. Both parts worked individually, but didn't end up combining super well.

My Contributions

  • Programmed the rhythm mini-game for crafting potions

  • Learned a lot about Unity's audio system

  • Collaborated with friends who had made a rhythm game before

  • Used a tilemap to fill in the level's environment


Railgun Rogue

Railgun Rogue was another 48-Hour Game Jam game. I worked with a smaller team on this game. I learned a lot about Unity's physics system during this project. We weren't able to spend the full 48 hours on the game, so the level design suffered a bit.

My Contributions

  • Programmed the player movement for the character

  • Programmed the aiming with the cursor

  • Programmed the magnetism mechanic

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